The Waves

Mandiri Beach is centrally located to all the other breaks in the area and is without a doubt the most consistent. Exposed to all swells, it is never flat and always packs a punch. The waves come from deep water, breaking onto shallow sandbanks, providing us with hollow, long reeling walls.

South Sumatra offers everything from beaches, peaks, slabs and points. The coastline offers such a variety; we often have days where we can surf double overhead point breaks in the morning and super fun, head high slabs in the afternoon. We include surf guides with every trip, to make sure you get it right every time.


The early season runs from Feb - May.

With consistently clean, small-medium swell, it's without a doubt the best time of the year for the beach break. The winds stay light and variable, offering plenty of variety to surf all of the exposed breaks in the area.

Like clockwork, we wake up to offshore winds lasting the whole morning, quite often all day. If it does blow onshore, it'll rain for an hour or so every afternoon, cooling the land down enough to switch it back offshore, for the arvo glass off.

If you want to avoid the crowds and still score constant swell, this is the time to come.


The main season runs from June - October.

This time is the most consistent time of the year for swell, offering the most variety of waves to surf.

We still wake up to offshore winds every day. Then at around mid-morning, the South Easterly trade winds kick in, and the reef breaks that favour the trades can turn on.

The coastline of South Sumatra is so crooked, there's always somewhere to surf. There are plenty of sheltered spots for when the larger swells run. Or if that's what you're after, there are a handful of breaks that love the solid stuff.


The late-season runs from November - January.

Much like the early season, we get spoilt rotten on the beach. The smaller swells groom the sandbanks to perfection! It'll turn a 2 - 3 foot swell into punchy, head high barrels.

Although it's hard to turn our backs on the beach this time of year, we still get pulses in the swell, allowing us to surf the more exposed reef breaks.

The best part of the late-season is the lack of crowds. With the majority of surf camps closing up, the area is almost empty for the whole three months. We love it!


As I'm sure you've seen on social media, we're always taking photos and videos. All our content will be available to our guests, free of charge. Just remember to bring a flash drive or memory stick with you.

If our guests don't want to miss a single shot - @nana_surfphotography, a local legend, is available for bookings.


You'll have an unlimited car transport service throughout our trips.

We have three minivans on stand by, from first light to sundown. For early missions. Each car comes with an experienced driver & surf guide.


We have three surf guides available throughout our trips.

Getting our guests the best waves available is our number one priority. With nine years of experience, our focus is always to avoid crowds, and to make the absolute best of the conditions at hand.