Central to the Southern Sumatran province of Pasisir Barat lies Krui - a small fishing town neighbouring the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park.

Krui town hosts two food markets, a fishing harbour and a street of shops - Supplying the residents everything they need. Walking around the sleepy town feels like you've stepped back in time.


Either side of Krui you'll find vast stretches of untouched coastline.

Palm tree's for as far as the eye can see, shadowing an array of stunning, white-sand beaches.

The nearby, Banana Island has been a popular day trip for our guests. The island has some of the most transparent waters and most beautiful beaches in the area. A delicious lunch, prepared by a local family is available upon request.

Most of the reefs provided exception snorkelling. Cheap, low-quality equipment is available in town. However, we recommend you bring your own.


With the national park on our doorstep, we have a few different treks available.

Short, 20 minute walks, to half-day outings - delving into to think Sumatran jungle. Almost all the treks available, lead to waterfalls.

Although incredibly rare, the national park is home to the Sumatran tiger. Also native to the area are elephants, gibbons, various types of monkeys and birds such as the Jurassic like hornbill.

If this sounds like something you might like to do, we highly recommend bringing appropriate footwear.


Leafy's cafe just a few hundred meters down the beach from the resort is a great place to visit for breakfast or lunch & meet other travelling surfers for a beer or a coconut.

Lani's restaurant at the point is also a cool place to visit, especially during the evening if the crew are keen to go out for a few beers.